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High Quality Shutters

As well as being able to provide high quality blinds to our customers we also have the option of window coverings such as shutters.

These are something that people don't always consider as an option for their home window dressings.

Although you might make the association with shutters as being something a bit more traditional we see that shutters are just as effective in a more contemporary setting and we will be able to prove that to you.

There are no restrictions with shutters like people would think, there are choices and flexibility with your decisions and the reassurance that the materials are handcrafted to a high standard and to your order specifications, so no matter the window there will be a successful solution for you when it comes to choosing shutters. See the options below, for any more information on the choices of shutters then get in touch.

  • Poplar Shutters*
  • Classic Shutters
  • Cedar Shutters
  • Phoenix Shutters*

Customise your Shutter*

Match the colour of your shutter to the tones in your chosen room making your window fittings tie in beautifully with their surroundings. You can do this by getting your shutters customised with one of over 2000 shades of dulux trade or farrow and ball ranges of paints.

Whether your windows are bay, sash or french we will be able to find a shutter for you that works for you both practically and visually, whilst adding value and elegance to any room in your home.